Sunday, September 13, 2009

Hi frenz (and anonymous hater, of course)

Sorry I've been a slacker. I got a new computer and I just transfered my 40,076 photos onto it. That is a lot of photos.
I also have too much on my plate so dont hate me and I will blog soon.

All of my love,



MJ said...

yeah! It was kind of SO unfair from U to not have warn us before!! Such a bi&*$%[...] behavior! C'mon, I want my money back! So next time, you're better put lots of AMAZING pictures. blahblahblah, new computer... blah blah blah, this argument would not be strong enough on trial. You know want: I could sue U... and ACTUALLY, I WILL sue U... yeah, for having me waste lot of my time on Internet (that I'm paying) going to your blog, and then notice that THERE WAS NOTHING NEW!!! You know, I could have spend this amount of time doing other more interesant things, like making up new catchy status on facebook, going through the montreal phone book to have more friends on facebook, change my screen saver 12 times and finishing my planning for the clothes that I'll wear til the end of the session (cause U know, I couldn't wear 2 times the same clothe during the session!... everybody know that rule..!)... anyway, I'll talk to that with my lawyer... you'll hear from me , I promess

MJ said...

My lawyers are on their way...