Thursday, April 30, 2009





By KIMBER the brilliant


MJ said...

the first and the third have potential... but the dog doesn't really fit... Another kind of dog would have be better... I don't know what kind, but I'm sure another kind of dog would have increase the beauty of the picture.

MJ said...

actually, after lots of reflexions, this dog is not as horrible than that... I'm sure he has some potential... hidden very deeply inside him... you know... as for the humans, there are some beautiful dogs and some... [hum...], let's speak frankly, are UGLY. but they have their purpose, you know, in that way we can appreciate beautiful dogs and those kind of dog could always be useful for a shooting of "amazing" product like mini-stairs that we put beside the sofa, so the dog can take them to go and lie on the coutch without having to jump... anyway, as you could have conclude, I am very impartial towards every kind of dog, even those for who the nature seems to have "botch" her job.